When do you give the deposit?   At the time you sign the contract and reserve the date. It is refundable as long as you meet the contract. Stay away from the street and businesses across the street and the barn/trailer area.

Do you have outside heaters? No

When can I set up? We can open for access at 7:00 am.

Can I decorate the night before? Not unless you rent the hall for a 3 hour min, add your insurance, + another $350 deposit. We will not do any clean up and it will be monitored by on-site employee. They will let you in and depending on how many hours $300 min, $100 an hour—come back and lock up. Any variation can lead to losing your deposit.

What time do you have to stop your event? 12:00 midnight –because you have to clean the hall. Pick up all garbage inside and outside. Put away all chairs and tables, clean off counter tops, clean bathrooms of debris, sweep, and make sure all garbage is outside in trash containers. The clubhouse should be cleaned and vacated by 2:00 am.

Can we bring our own horses? You can tie them to your own trailer. Just make sure your insurance will cover them if anything happen at your event. SHA will not board them for you. Make sure your insurance covers this!

What happens if something breaks down during the event? By the door, there is a list of vendors you can call—at your expense—to fix it. 24 hours a day.

How many parking spots do you have? Estimated 60, as it depends on the size of car and time of year. The area can be soft due to rain. You can park from the fence to the clubhouse, 3 cars deep.

Rentals? Delta Party Supplies-across the street: will give 15% discount on renting anything you need except linens.

Who cleans? You do. Bring extra bags. Trash cans are on site but if you have a huge party with food—it all must be in bags. Sweep the floor, wipe the counters, clean out refrigerator. Clean the outside including parking lot. Bring a flash light. All chairs and tables must be put away.

Will I get my deposit back? If anyone goes outside of the area of the clubhouse—NO, if the hall is left dirty-NO, if anything is on the ground outside-NO, if children are unattended–NO.